Universidad Tecnológica de Tula-Tepeji

The Universidad Tecnológica de Tula-Tepeji (UTTT) is a “technological university” offering courses in engineering, business, and foreign language. In the Mexican education system, “engineering” is a term that includes a wide range of subjects, including accounting and business.

UTTT is the largest public university in the state of Hidalgo, with a student population of 3,800 students. There are three campuses, in Tula, Tepetitlán and Chapulhuacán. The Tula-Tepeji campus is the largest, with enrollment of about 3,000. The winter quarter begins today and goes until late April.

The majority of students graduate with a “Técnico Superior Universitario” in one of ten programs: “mantenimiento, procesos industriales, química, mecatrónica, contaduría, tecnologías de la información y comunicación, desarrollo de negocios, energías renovables, y el nanotecnología.” (Industrial maintenance, industrial processes, chemistry, mechatronics, accounting, information and communication technology, business development, renewable energy and nanotechnology).

Students are also required to take part in an “estadia” or internship at a company for one quarter. After completing a Técnico Superior Universitario (TSU), students can choose to pursue an ingeniería, which is the equivalent to a B.S. degree.

Students are required to take a language class every cuatrimestre, or quarter, that they are enrolled in the university. Both French and English are offered at UTTT, with most students choosing to take English classes. There are four full-time language professors and 33 adjunct professors charged with teaching English and French.


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