Environmental Issues in Tula

As I talked about in my previous post about Pemex, there are serious environmental issues in Tula, Hidalgo. In addition to air pollution, there is massive water contamination. This contamination comes from raw sewage pumped from Mexico City and from industrial waste from the Pemex refinery and Cemento Cruz Azul factory.

A friend came to visit and we talked about some of the environmental issues affecting daily life in Tula. She recently shared a Reuters article with me about water contamination in Tula and I wanted to include it here: http://news.trust.org/item/20160426050317-9voh0/?source=hpHeadlineStory. The story is titled “Polluted water leaves rural Mexican community “living in hell.”

“[…] the filthy water is blamed for contaminated produce, polluted air and illness among the estimated 800 people living close to the lakeshore.

Now, recently released statistics from the local hospital estimate that one in three children from the Endho community is born with developmental deficiencies.

But repeated calls to federal authorities to clean up what has become known as “Mexico’s toilet bowl” remain unanswered.” (Alasdair Baverstock, Thomson Reuters Foundation – Tue, 26 Apr 2016)


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