Quick Guide to Mexico’s Important Dates (September-December)

September 16 – Independence Day (1810)! Typically celebrated on the evening of the 15th with a reenactment of “El Grito” and lots of pozole. The party continues with a “recalentado,” or leftover feast, the next day. September 19 – 2015 was the 30th Anniversary of the devastating 8.0 magnitude earthquake killed at least 5,000 people that destroyed… Read More Quick Guide to Mexico’s Important Dates (September-December)

Universidad Tecnológica de Tula-Tepeji

The Universidad Tecnológica de Tula-Tepeji (UTTT) is a “technological university” offering courses in engineering, business, and foreign language. In the Mexican education system, “engineering” is a term that includes a wide range of subjects, including accounting and business. UTTT is the largest public university in the state of Hidalgo, with a student population of 3,800… Read More Universidad Tecnológica de Tula-Tepeji